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The compacts in this line feature unique details of architecture and art of New York City. The photographs are covered with a durable waterproof resin. The compact measures 2.75” round. It includes a regular, as well as magnifying glass mirror.


This may just look like peeling paint, but to me it was truly a piece of urban decay art. The paint also comes from a significant historical building in Brooklyn, The Domino Sugar Factory.

Unfortunately the Domino Sugar Factory, building was destroyed in 2014 to make room for a new condominium.

The Factory dominated part of Brooklyn's waterfront since the 1880's. It stood as a symbol of New York's past. In the post-Civil War era when New York City dominated sugar production worldwide, the Domino plant employed 4,500 workers, processed 3 million pounds of sugar daily, and was the largest refinery in the world.


Domino Blue Compact Mirror

Ribbon for Packaging
  • When you purchase any Citybitz product, as a gift for yourself or someone else, you’ll make a distinct impression and enjoy the heightened sense of anticipation your gorgeously wrapped package will conjure. Each gift is carefully enveloped in a protective and colorful tissue and surrounded by metallic confetti streamers for added excitement. Our Signature Silver Gift Boxes eliminate the need for bulky wrapping paper that can tear and wear too easily. This contemporary and elegant statement is personalized with your choice of Onyx, Ruby or Turquoise satin organza ribbons. Many gifts include information cards with a brief story, trivia, or historical fact about your selected image and a “Handmade in Brooklyn” Artist’s card conveying the care and craftsmanship used in the design and selection of this exclusive and unique gift.

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