The NY pillboxes in this line feature unique details of architecture and art of New York City. The photographs are covered with a durable waterproof resin. The case is metal and measures 1.75" in diameter. There are 3 divided sections as well as a mirror within the case.


This may just look like peeling paint, but to me it was truly a piece of urban decay art. The paint also comes from a significant historical building in Brooklyn, The Domino Sugar Factory. Unfortunately the Domino Sugar Factory, building was destroyed in 2014 to make room for a new condominium.The Factory dominated part of Brooklyn's waterfront since the 1880's. It stood as a symbol of New York's past. In the post-Civil War era when New York City dominated sugar production worldwide, the Domino plant employed 4,500 workers, processed 3 million pounds of sugar daily, and was the largest refinery in the world.


Domino Blue Pillbox-Small