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Hopping off the subway at 59th and 5th Ave, the Central Park Zoo exit of the N/R Subway line, I came across 5 penguins, well mosaic penguins. They called to me, take my picture!!! So happy I did. I featured the picture so you could get a sense of the actual mosaics appearance and scale. Now, a few years later they become part of everything I make! Never realized just how hot the penguin was. People really have a connection to penguins! I have heard everything, maybe one of the reasons holds true to you. A few of the things I have heard: "We have a thing about penguins because they mate for life", Penguins just make me happy", The Penguin is our school mascot", "I , or a friend, has worked with the Penguins in Antarctica", "I love March of the Penguins". Do any of these relate to you or someone you know? Maybe you have a different connection. No connection is needed. My favorite this past weekend was from a guy who stated " I don't know why, I just like penguins!

The photograph is covered with a durable waterproof resin. The case is stainless steel and measures 2 1/4" x 3 5/8". Perfect for business cards or as a mini wallet!

Penguin Solo Card Case

Ribbon for Packaging
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