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Black Stained Glass Triangle Necklace

aka Scalene in Obsidian Lagoon

Your combat boots are begging you to own this. Scientifically speaking, pure black is quite literally every color. It is also the historical symbol of dominance, mystery, refinement, complexity, and emotional depth. The color combined with the pendent’s asymmetry, radiates the vibe of tenured rebel and creative. It will subconsciously prompt new faces to ask “are you in a band? a painter? a fashion designer?” Versatility is a necessity, and this gem will match your entire wardrobe, make up palettes and jewelry collection. Keep your mom jean and t-shirt style and turn up the dial with this Debbie Harry, Patti Smith hook.This black triangle is measeures:

w 2 3/4"

h 1 1/4"

chain 20". Prefer a differnt length? Feel free to request.


When you purchase any Citybitz product, as a gift for yourself or someone else, you’ll make a distinct impression and enjoy the heightened sense of anticipation your gorgeously wrapped package will conjure. Each gift is carefully enveloped in a protective and colorful tissue. Our Signature Gift Boxes eliminate the need for bulky wrapping paper that can tear and wear too easily.

Black Stained Glass Triangle Necklace

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