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Picture Frame in Ariel Turquoise

Blue is the color of trust, integrity, peace, and competence. Let the midday moon discard the tide of your stress on the shore, bask in the horizon of Kua Bay, and dive into the fjords of Norway. This phosphorescent hue offers tranquility, summoning the lithe and boundless spirit of sea and sky, fusing one with nature’s abyss during the day and, at night, reminding you that tomorrow the sun will rise. Approved by Tiffany’s, Maria von Trapp, and Fleur Delacour.


When you purchase any Citybitz product, as a gift for yourself or someone else, you’ll make a distinct impression and enjoy the heightened sense of anticipation your gorgeously wrapped package will conjure. Each gift is carefully enveloped in a protective and colorful tissue. Our Signature Gift Boxes eliminate the need for bulky wrapping paper that can tear and wear too easily.

Necklace- Blue Iridescent

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