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Wear the city in a whole new way. Manhattan’s Makeup, a new collection by Citybitz utilizes layers of paint and rust taken from various New York locations such as the Manhattan Bridge and the 2nd Avenue subway station. The city’s ‘makeup’ is then used to create various accessories. Manhattan’s Makeup pieces are great conversation pieces and a contemporary reworking of everyday historical street art.


The earrings featured here contain paint and rust chips from the 2nd Avenue Subway. The chips are encased within two pieces of glass and soldered. The glass measures 1" and the hooks are made of niobium. Niobium is a non reactive metal and is great for those with sensitivities to metals.


No piece is alike due to the organic nature of the design. Please allow for variations.

Chain length, 1 7/8" inch

*earrings include rubber backs

Manhattan's Makeup- Subway Paint Chip Lantern Earrings

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