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These triangle glass mirror earrings will add that burst sparkle to any outfit! They are modern, casual earrings making them easy to wear everyday. They are extremely lightweight and the chain adds a fun swing. Each earring is made with two pieces of the thinnist mirror, providing a finished refective surface on the back as well as the front. The metal surrounding the glass is a mix of silver, copper and tin, with a gunmetal finish. The hooks are niobium a metal gentle on the skin.

The measurements are as follows:
glass- 1 ½”
brass hook (gunmetal finish)- 1 ¼”
total length- 3 ¼”

*Earrings include rubber backs.


When you purchase any Citybitz product, as a gift for yourself or someone else, you’ll make a distinct impression and enjoy the heightened sense of anticipation your gorgeously wrapped package will conjure. Each gift is carefully enveloped in a protective and colorful tissue. Our Signature Gift Boxes eliminate the need for bulky wrapping paper that can tear and wear too easily. This contemporary and elegant statement is personalized with your choice of “Raven Black”, Ruby Opalescence” or Turquoise.

Chain-Linked Mirror Earrings

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